The Unite America Party is a new political party with a mission to close the growing wealth and power gap between the top 1% and the bottom 99% — without taking existing wealth or property rights from the top 1%.

We are ordinary citizens from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, creeds, and political affiliations.  We are also independent thinkers who are more interested in “what’s right” than “who’s right.”

We subscribe to a Platform and a Plan to unify, liberate and empower all Americans, and by example, all global citizens.

Together we are searching and working together for a positive and peaceful “Second American Revolution,” a revolution of ideas inspired by the founding principles of our nation.

The Unite America Party is a party to end today’s conflict-oriented party system. We believe that our Platform and the ideas it advocates are more important than any party, including our own.

If any well-organized party or candidate wants to adopt all or parts of our comprehensive Platform, they will have our support.


UAP’s Mission

The Unite America Party’s mission is to help elect political leaders who will introduce Capital Homestead reforms to change the economic system that is undermining our political system and our basic human rights.

Our mission and agenda are fully consistent with the spirit of the original American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — namely, to create economic liberty, prosperity and justice for “We the People.”


Why a New Party?

Why start a new party? Because none of the existing political parties are addressing the causes, and not merely the symptoms, of a cancer within today’s economic system. This cancer can be traced to structural barriers to equal economic opportunity that are increasing feelings of polarization, pessimism and powerlessness in many Americans and other people around the world.

We realize that to lift unjust barriers to equal opportunity and participation, we must change laws and institutions that are concentrating ownership and power in a tiny fraction of citizens. To change defective laws and institutions, we must organize people power through political action.

We believe that our Platform and its universal principles of economic and social justice can unite all Americans and existing political parties around the cure for that cancer.