Here are a few suggestions ….

  1. Read the “Comparison of Capitalism, Socialism and ‘The Just Third Way’ “ to see what makes the UAP’s Platform and Plan different from the status quo ideas of the right and the left.
  2. Read the UAP Platform for a new vision of politics and economics.
  3. Read the Summary of the Capital Homestead Act for a comprehensive plan to grow the economy and build future capital ownership into every citizen.
  4. Through social media and face-to-face exchanges, encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to read these documents.
  5. Then, ask yourself and others, “What’s wrong with these ideas?”
  6. Challenge academia, the media, politicians, business and labor leaders to explain “what’s wrong” with the UAP’s proposals … and then demand they offer a better solution.
  7. With those who become intrigued and inspired, organize and meet regularly as a UAP group to educate yourselves and others, and develop strategies for building your membership and spreading the word.
  8. Identify potential political leaders for your group to reach, who would support the UAP Platform and Plan.
  9. Contact UAP for guidance, to answer your questions, and to be put in touch with others who want to elect politicians who support the UAP Platform and Plan.
  10. Become a UAP member and volunteer, and contribute your time, talent, and whatever treasure you can afford to help elect national, state and local leaders committed to passing and implementing our economic agenda for growth with justice: the Capital Homestead Act.