Are you someone …

  • who works hard to make a living, raise a family, and pay off the monthly bills, a mortgage or student debt?
  • who is sick and tired of the lack of vision, principles and effectiveness demonstrated by our so-called “political leaders”?
  • who does not want to be dependent on government, Wall Street, anyone or anything else?
  • who fears that the future — yours, your children’s and the world’s — will be owned by those who control money, and their cronies in both major parties?
  • who believes that DEMOCRACY (not oligarchy or plutocracy) represents the heart and soul of America?
  • who knows that we can’t have effective political democracy without real economic democracy?
  • who understands that economic democracy can only be achieved when every citizen has equal opportunity and access to the right to and rights of private property in productive capital?
  • who seeks “the Plan,” beyond just “the Man” ( or “Woman”), that will generate growth with justice, and get our country back on track as “the last best hope” of humanity?

If you are, then you need us and we need you.

Join the Unite America Party today!