• Walter Reuther Congressional Testimony
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  • Delaware Governor Pierre (Pete) duPont IV signs State ESOP legislation (HB 31).
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  • Pres. Reagan accepts Project Economic Justice report
  • Agric. Secy. Mike Espy receives copy of Curing World Poverty
  • Pope John Paul II meets Project Economic Justice Delegation
  • Pope John Paul II receives Curing World Poverty book
  • 1995 East St. Louis Syntegration on Old Man River City
  • Norm Kurland and Chinese Scholars

History of the Capital Homestead Act

These photographs capture some of the significant events in the history of the Just Third Way and the Capital Homestead Act, which grew out of the socio-economic ideas of lawyer-economist-corporate financier Louis Kelso and Aristotelian-Thomist philosopher Mortimer Adler.